Lot 1920. Tardieu-Denesle.

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Lot 1920 | Tardieu-Denesle.
Tardieu-Denesle. Atlas portatif, composé de trente-deux cartes coloriées... Paris, Tardieu-Denesle 1821. Qu.Gr.8°. With 32 coloured cards stamped. 1 Bl., 142 P., 1 Bl. Original Cardboard Band (Rckn. with linen taped, browned, some rubbed u. best.).

The world map contains, 2 hemisphere maps, continent and country maps. - Cont. browned some strong foxing - It: Idea-elemental della sfera terrestre considerata nella sua forma... Florence, Batelli 1846. With 1 folding map stamped & 1 Kupfertaf colored. 238 p. the envelope of the time (Tls. fl. u with the Edge tear-out). - 1-Map Of The World. - Unbeschn. Ex. St. a. T. Levasseur,V. Atlas classique universel de Geographie ancienne et modern. Paris, 1834. Kl.8°. With title stamped u. 86 of the partially folded u. border cards, colored envelope time (Rckn. with avulsion, in part, fl.). - Jose Hans,J. Atlas of the Evangelical missionary society in Basel... 2. Edition, Basel, 1859. Qu.Fol. With lithogr. Title u. 11 coloured maps, 6 Textbl. - Contains the following maps: world map; Africa; Central West Africa; southern Wolta area; front India; South Mahratta; North-Kanara; South Kanara; Malabar; China; The Sinon or Sanon-circle (provenance Canton). - Dower,J. A School Atlas of Modern Geography, containing forty maps, ... with a copious Index. London, Ward & Lock (around 1860). With 40 dplblattgroß, border cards colored. - Chevallier,H. Atlas de la geographie moderne et contemporaine. 14. ed. Paris, 1882. Fol. With 20 coloured dplblattgroß lithogr. Cards. - (Mirabeau,H. G. Riquetti de). Atlas de la monarchy Prussienne. London, 1788. Fol. With 10 dplblattgroß Kupferktn. - Phillips 4037 (under Medicated). Jähns 1893 ff. Kress B. 1449. - Independently published in the Atlas to Mirabeaus work: "De la monarchy prussienne sous Frederic le Grand". With Germany - and 9 maps. - Only the cards, without Kupfertaf. u. Tab. Unt. Corners rounded.

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