Lot 21. TATIANA Constantinovna de Russie, (1890-1979).

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Lot 21TATIANA Constantinovna de Russie, (1890-1979).
Fille de Constantin Constantinovitch de Russie (1858-1915) et d Élisabeth de Saxe-Altenbourg. Le 3 septembre 1911 épousa elle le prince Constantin Alexandrovitch Bragation-Moukhransky (1889-1915). Elle fut princesse de Russie puis abbesse au monastère du Mont-des-Oliviers. L. A. S. à l'impératrice Marie Feodorovna. Strelna, 1 octobre 1911-1913. TATIANA Konstantinovna (1890-1979), Princess of the Imperial blood Daughter of Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich and Grand Duchess Elizabeth Mavrikievny, great-granddaughter of Emperor Nicholas I. the Wife of Prince Konstantin Alexandrovich Bagration - mukhran (1889-1915). Became a monk under the name Tamara. a handwritten letter to the Empress Maria Feodorovna.Strelna, the Palace'ninskiy, October 1, [1911-1913] 2 p.; 17 x 14.5 cm. Dear Aunt Minnie / Daring to bother You with this letter, I hope that You forgive me because I want to ask for Your Cavalier [referring to the cavalry of her Majesty Empress Maria Feodorovna regiment, which was the husband of Tatiana Konstantinovna K. A. Prince Bagration of Mukhrani]. The husband says that the soldiers need underwear, shirts and podstrigach. I am very sorry that our warehouse, i.e. the warehouse Strelna LW. currently can't supply them with linen. Wouldn't it be Your Mercy to help them in this, especially because for them it would be expensive gift from the beloved Chef. / Gently kiss Your little hands warmly devoted to You / Tatian / Calf 1 Oct.

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