Lot 2200. Tibeto-Chinese figure of "Eleven-Avalokitesvara"

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Lot 2200 | Tibeto-Chinese figure of "Eleven-Avalokitesvara"
Bronze, gilded, partly applications of small turquoise beads. Full plastic representation of a "thousand-armed Bodhisattva", on double Lotus base standing. The Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara is the patron Saint of Tibet, the embodiment of goodness and mercy, the spiritual son of the Dhyânis of the Buddha Amitâbha. The eleven faces of Avalokiteshvara wears on his head in the Form of a crown of nine Bodhisattva heads, and a Buddha-head; the latter is the head of the Buddha Amitabha. Three of the Bodhisattva-heads embody compassion with the suffering, anger over Evil and joy over the Good. A Thousand hands with eyes in the palms of the hands serve to help all beings. Height 36.5 cm.
Cf. Ulrich von Schroeder, "Indo-Tibetan Bronzes", Fig. 124D p. 453.
A Tibetan is a bronze figure of the eleven-headed Avalokiteshvara, standing on a double-lotuse base.
China. Tibet. Qing Dynasty. 17./18. Century

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