Lot 24. Ushnisha-Sitatapatra - "The goddess with the white umbrella"

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Lot 24 | Ushnisha-Sitatapatra - "The goddess with the white umbrella"
TIBET, 19th century. Century
The goddess with the white umbrella is revered both as a Dakini, as well as a meditation deity (yi-dam). Dakinis are female beings of a very versatile appearance. In different embodiments, they serve the encouragement and Inspiration to spiritual practice. In its function as a Yi-dam, it is primarily their task to give the creatures protection from all kinds of Dangers of life and of the spirit. Your protection to obtain the believers recite their Dharanis and visualize their shape. This is the white body color. Your protection is truly a thousand times by a thousand heads, a thousand hands with a thousand eyes on the palms of the hands, and a thousand feet. One is inclined to bring the goddess with the Christian mantle of the Madonna. Under your feet a countless number of beings are the most diverse mental obstacles symbolize and compassion to be transformed. As the naming attribute, you are not in the front most left Hand the white screen, and in the right the wheel of Dharma, Symbol of the Buddha's teaching. The protective effect of the goddess is increased by the presence of the Eight medicine Buddhas are gathered in the upper area. At the apex of Yamantaka, the Conqueror of death will appear. He is also regarded as a Manifestation of compassion, and the energetic wrathful aspect of the Bodhisattva of wisdom - Manjushri. Tempera and Gold on cotton fabric; original brocade bezel; traditional protection cloth with batik pattern.

59 x 40(130 x 73) cm

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