Lot 193. V. A. Stenberg, "Tsvetokorrektsiya".

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Lot 193V. A. Stenberg, "Tsvetokorrektsiya".
Vladimir Avgustovich Stenberg (1899 – 1982) "Tsvetokorrektsiya". Oil on canvas, signed in the lower left corner "B. Stenberg".
Vladimir Avgustovich Stenberg (1899 – 1982) – an outstanding Soviet graphic artist, constructivist. In 1919-1920, together with his brother George Avgustovich Stenberg was to unite Young Artists [IBMOHU], in 1921-1924 was the Institute of Artistic Culture [INKHUK]. In November 1920, in the framework of the Moscow Inhuka born the First working group of constructivists (A. Gan, K. Joganson, K. Medunetsky, Rodchenko, V. Stepanova, V. and G. Stenberg), the theorist of which was Alexei Gan to set down his views in his book "Constructivism" (1922). In this working group held discussions and put experiments in composition and design, with the goal of achieving a transition "from image to design". This period (late 1920 – 1921) the Brothers Stenberg, and Konstantin Medunetsky laboratory searches begin with the creation of tsvetokorrektsii coming from "counter-reliefs" Tatlin:
V. Stenberg, "Tsvetokorrektsiya No. 4" - The State Russian Museum,
V. Stenberg, "Tsvetokorrektsiya No. 10" - The State Tretyakov Gallery,
V. Stenberg, "Tsvetokorrektsiya No. 13",
G. Stenberg, "Tsvetokorrektsiya" - State Museum of arts of Uzbekistan,
K. Medunetsky's "Tsvetokorrektsiya" - The State Russian Museum,
K. Medunetsky's "Tsvetokorrektsiya No. 7" - the Krasnodar regional art Museum im. F. A. Kovalenko.
Works from this series were exhibited at landmark for only the Second Russian avant-garde exhibition of ibmohu may 22, 1921, In particular, on one of the two surviving photographs of the exhibition visible "Tsvetokorrektsiya No. 7" Medunica.
The main feature of the experimental "tsvetokorrektsii" brothers Stenberg, and Konstantin Meunargia is a dynamic combination of lines with flat geometric fields. Two paintings by Vladimir Stenberg particularly interesting in view of the fact that are a single story with a different degree of abstraction. If the first work depicts figures of workers, gives the composition depth and the story some context, the second is a perfect abstraction, devoid of any volume. The combination of the two pictures illustrates the transition "from image to design".
Dimensions: 74 x 171 cm

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