Lot 204. Various Könstler

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Auction date: 25.06.2020   17:00 UTC +02:00
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Lot 204 | Various Könstler
Various Könstler
10 posters of the exhibitions Markus Raetz at the Kunsthaus Zörich 1986, Swiss Eraser in the Strauhof 1979, Ernst Ludiwg Kirchner, at the Kunsthaus Zörich 1980, Leo Leuppi in the helmet house Zörich 1980,
Max Gubler at the Museo d'arte Moderna in 1995, Swiss original graphic at the gewerbemuseum Winterthur in 1984 and in 1986, Helen Dahm in the Museum zu allerheiligen Schaffhausen 1971, Max Truninger in the helmet house Zörich
In 1982, Reni Auberjonois in the Kunsthaus Zörich and Emil Zbinden at the gewerbemuseum Winterthur in 1983, approx. 128 x 90 cm

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