Lot 1388. Voigt, J. H.

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Lot 1388 | Voigt, J. H.
Voigt, J. H. Lauff Big changes to the Orient, From Various Cometen name Astrologice pre-put in. O. o., "In laying the Statsautoriserede" 1683. 12 nn. Bl. Unbound.

Cf. Brüning, 1563, La Lande 310 and Rosenthal, BMP 3643 (describe all only a reprint); not in Houzeau-L., and Kenney. - Bibliographically apparently undescribed original edition of the rare comet in writing of the astronomers and Royal. Swedish mathematician in Stade, J. H. Voigt (1613-1691). He describes the appearance and the raceways of the comet of 1665 to 1682, and gives astrological comments. - The most important distinguishing features between the Original edition and the reprint are the spelling of the author name (Voigdt; here: Voigt), the apostrophe in Astrologicè (here Astrologice), the title vignette and the words "In the transfer of the Statsautoriserede" (missing in the reprint). - Tit. with kl. Eckabriss. Something brown and water stained.

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