Lot 1101. Schischkin, Ivan Ivanovic. Forest glade

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Lot 1101Schischkin, Ivan Ivanovic. Forest glade
Oil on cardboard. 26 x 34cm. Frame.
On the cardboard label: "No. 55", and a stamp in Cyrillic: "a study of I. I. Shishkin adhesive".

Irina Nikolajevna Kuleshova, art Museum of Yaroslavl, with Dating of the study in the 1880s.

Ivan Shishkin was one of the most important Russian landscape painters in the second half of the nineteenth century.
It is the opinion, that representations of the local landscape, were set in Germany, England or Italy, under the romantic, respectively, the picturesque points of view in was in Russia. The innovative style of painting Shishkin, who is able to highlight the uniqueness and beauty of the Russian nature in such an impressive way, changed the attitude of Russians to their landscape painting radically.
Consequently, Shishkin was one of the key founding members of the "Wanderer", an artists ' Association which tried to solve the shackles of the academies.
Within this group it is considered that many Russian artists abstumpften by clear academic standards of painting style and Subject. You advocated for a focus on Russia and on Russian themes.

Shishkin painting technique appears to be almost "portrait-like". In addition, he was an excellent draughtsman. His students called him "Bukhgalter Listochkov" (the accountant of the leaves).
Ivan Kramskoi, ways to track in the case of the walkers, said: "I think that he is the only artist among us, of the nature understood in a scientific manner... Shishkin is a milestone in the development of Russian landscape painting; it is a whole school in one man."

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