Lot 765. Walter HELBIG (1878-1968)

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Lot 765 | Walter HELBIG (1878-1968)
Walter HELBIG (1878-1968)
Sermon to the birds
Posthumous woodcut of 1916, watercolour painting, 36/70
20 x 14.5 cm

Walter Helbig: Painter. Born on 9.4.1878 in Falkenstein (Saxony), died on 26.3.1968 in Ascona. 1894-98 studies at the Dresden Academy. 1897-99 in Italy, acquaintance with Arnold Bvcklin and the Maries-schöler circle. In 1909, with the cooperation of the Bröcke in Berlin and contact with the group of the Blue rider in the monks. 1910 Öbersiedlung in Switzerland. Mitbegrönder and head of the Modern Federal government in Weggis, since 1924 in Ascona ansdssig.

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