Lot 1387. Zeithistorische Dokumente Gian Galeazzo Ciano

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Lot 1387Zeithistorische Dokumente Gian Galeazzo Ciano
the fascist Italian diplomat and son-in-law of Mussolini, 1944, in Verona, executed after Ciano had voted for the deposition of Mussolini, the collection is a former act of the Caproni archive and includes 1) collection of large-format press photographs of Ciano in gala uniform, or as a Pilot in the midst of a young pilot showing, partly. Verso ”11. ottobre S. E. Ciano arrivato Budapest da” or ”arrivo sul campo di Macalle' di S. E. Ciano”, teilw. Photos of temple of the ”Ala Littoria” or ”Aeroplani Caproni”, a recording, along with Mussolini, photos with Ciano on the day of the funeral of his father, Costanzo Ciano 1939, Mussolini, rear stamped side ”Istituto Nazionale Luce”, Ciano, along with Carlos del Prete (both autographs), 2) mourning card in envelope, with stamp of the Royal Italian Embassy Berlin, Massimo Magistrati of Caproni on the occasion of the death of his wife (sister Galeazzos), 3) telegrams, and personal papers, 4) a number of newspaper clippings with articles, the Ciano on the subject of had, including the execution, 5) machine-written farewell letter (lettera di G. G. Ciano alla mamma prima di morire (dall'originale in fotografia)), traces of old age.

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