Lot 1945. Two daunische vessels, 6. - 5. Century before Christ

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Lot 1945 | Two daunische vessels, 6. - 5. Century before Christ
Two vessels of the Phase subgeometrisch-daunisch II. a double-handle pot with funnel edge (Olla). Flat bottom, about the body in the Form of a flattened ball. Cross-arranged in the shape of two opposite, obliquely upwardly directed Handle and two Nuppen with squirrel. Painting with horizontal stripes in brown and dark brown in color, on the shoulder shortly after the break of a vertical strip. In the Interior of the Trichterrands two around the course at the end of the strip and the outer four arcs. The funnel edge in shards of broken, but glued back together, with minimal defects. Height 18 cm. Width 21 cm. Second, a cone-neck pot with raised handles beige tone. Base with a slightly to the outside by the edge. Above the round-arched belly of the cone-shaped neck, which is finished at the top of a wide, sloping slightly upward edge. Broad, marginal band handle, the pull at a 45 degree angle to the top and then almost vertically down to the shoulder have been. Painted in dark brown color. At the foot, directly above the base triangles. About thick and thin horizontal stripes, interrupted by rows of hatched lozenges. On the handles herringbone pattern. Part Sintering. Apart from minimal chips and a fine crack in the cone neck intact. Height with handles approx. 23 cm. Maximum width of 19 cm. Provenance: Made in Germany are held in custody by private collection, acquired in the 1990s in the English art market. Condition: II - / II - III

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