Comprehensive promotion for sellers and advertisers

Promote products inside the portal and on external resources with simple actions in a few clicks

  • PR campaigns in a few clicks
  • Newsletters by keywords
  • Targeting the audience
  • Organic traffic
  • Promotion in the ecosystems of Google, Meta, Yandex
  • Statistics and reports

Tools for promotion within the portal

Use intra-site promotion tools

✓ Smart portal search engine for organic promotion using descriptive keywords.
✓ Changing the positions of products in the TOP for better visibility.
✓ Powerful advertising campaigns in a few clicks.
✓ Weekly Email Newsletters based on customer keywords and use of Push Notifications.

Tools for promotion on external resources

Use promotion tools for third-party resources

✓ Micro-markup, easy navigation and page-linking of portal pages for successful organic promotion in search engines;
✓ Promotion in Google, Yandex and Meta ecosystems contextual advertising, remarketing campaigns;
✓ Placement of goods in Facebook, Instagram and Google stores.