Anyone can sell online

Create a personal online shop with provided advertising tools

  • Adaptive design
  • Ready-made SEO optimisation
  • Number of items with no restrictions
  • Tools for promotion within the portal
  • Smart product filters
  • Tools for promotion on external resources

Unlimited number of items

Many marketing studies have shown that shops with a wide range of products attract the attention of customers, inspire trust in the seller and increase sales many times over. Fill your shop with goods in unlimited quantities. Use manual upload or bulk load via spreadsheets.

Unlimited number of items
High-efficiency product filters

High-efficiency product filters

75 % of online users leave a website if they do not find the desired product within 15 seconds. A filtering system is therefore one of the key factors in online commerce that can influence the effectiveness and performance of an online shop. The product card templates we have developed lead to the automatic creation of the highly effective product filters that are sharpened for search engines.

Adaptive design

Modern solution for mobile devices

Adaptive design involves creating a single, flexible website layout that has support for virtually any device. With this approach, web pages adjust to any screen size while maintaining a great look and feel. Your content will dynamically change as your browser window is zoomed in and out. Get a ready-to-use adaptive web design at your fingertips. Take advantage of the opportunity to showcase your content on customers' mobile devices.

Analytics and reports

Analytics and reports

Analyze the activity of visitors

Statistics is a branch of knowledge that outlines the general issues of collecting and analyzing quantitative or qualitative data for making effective decisions. Follow in real time the attendance of your site. Watch and analyze statistics of your site in your personal office to be aware of customer behavior. Use the unique features of Very Important Lot to improve the sales of your products. Follow the daily activity of visitors and draw conclusions.