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Contemporary art

Contemporary art is a general term that describes art forms created in the last few decades, from around the 1970s to the present day.  

Contemporary art, as a style, known for its diversity in forms, and themes, and includes the work of artists who use modern technology and materials such as computer software, video and audio technology. It includes conceptual art, installations, video and audio art, art objects and other experimental forms.

One of the key features of contemporary art in a narrow sense is its experimental nature. Artists use new materials, technologies and ideas to create works that provoke questions and evoke emotions in viewers.

Contemporary art serves as a commentary on the state of the world, often revisiting traditional art styles with modern interpretations​​. For collectors, auctioneers, and art experts, it offers a dynamic and evolving arena of artistic endeavors. Stay informed about the latest developments and opportunities in contemporary art by signing up for updates on sales and auction events related to this vibrant and compelling field.

Country:Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Europe
Start of the period:1970