Auction registration form


Registration of the auction house 

We are pretty sure you understand the meaning and need of an auction registration; we’d even bet on it, but for clarity we would give a few touches.


It Is Designed to Help You


The auction registration form is designed to help you ease into proper and good use of our auction site. With this form, you get an opportunity to provide identification as detailed enough to get you going on the site and it helps you organize your profile well.

You can fill this form by quickly using the step by step below. It is easy, all we need are preliminary and basic information about you and/or your gallery; for example, your country or state, name, postal address details etc. as a gallery, this information can help you in the following ways:

  • Connect with your customers quickly.

And as buyers, filling this form will ensure that your billing and delivery is made correctly.

What is an auction registration form?


This is a form containing a list of information about you that you need to fill in order to actively participate and become part of the bidding process on our site. Just as you know, it would be detrimental to both the auction houses, the bidders and the auctioneers who put up items for sale if there is a member who do not genuinely intend to buy, and this form helps in preventing that.

Why do I have to fill it?


A lot can go wrong when payment methods, essential details and information are not clearly obtained. It can result in a waste of time and poor bidding experience. In order to avoid this, we have now prepared an auction registration form to help you get started easily and to ensure that there is an easy and unproblematic usage of our auction software (This site). Also, this form is essential to help us for example:

  • organize and;
  • Make sure there are no challenges.

It also allows us to secure and obtain the necessary information about you. Below is our auction registration form, you can begin by quickly using it and enjoying all that auction antique has to offer you.

Cooperate and enjoy the fascinating benefits attached!