Registration of the galleries


Registration of the gallery 

Gallery is a site, where the works of newly or experienced painters are exposed. You can meet there the true works of art.

Except the pictures, there are exposed various figurines, installations and other items, being of artistic value.

Our company registers galleries within an extremely short period of time.


Why is it worth registering in our company?

Cooperation with the company has a lot of advantages:

  • Convenience
    It is necessary to complete a form on the site in order to register a gallery. After checking data, a user gets the relevant confirmation and can enter the website;
  • Functionality
    Due to the site it is possible to do other things besides opening a gallery. Specialized companies are registered with a possibility to place original works of art;
  • Security
    The owner of the gallery has no need to worry about his or her item or money, which the visitors pay for it. Also there is no need to be afraid of stealing the data. Secured connection is used for deals.

Our company offers the clients favorable terms of cooperation, due to which it is possible to sell the items of unknown authors.