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Registration of the gallery 

We present you with an amazing chance to use and become a part of our online antique house through the registration of your gallery with us.

Are you an antique store or gallery?

Would you like to auction off a collection or collections through our site?

Then all you have to do is include your correct information in the form below.

This form is easy to use; for example, it only demands preliminary information for your gallery registration and upon filling in these details, the domain will look at some details and get back to you soonest.

Peculiarities of Galleries

A gallery is a place (be it virtual or physical) where displays of art works or artifacts are made. Each piece carries its own specialty inscription with artist’s details. It is:

  • like a show or display for prospective customers to view.

You can now for example, register place your items for auction as a body and auction house, get your antiques displayed on our sites and an opportunity to get a limitless number of bids in a day, and throughout all bidding hours.

The process is quite simple, you could easily fill the form available below, or you could contact us on this site for more information and details about anything you are uncertain or unclear about.

Designed to Help You Participate

This Gallery registration is designed to help and allow persons to participate as an antique auction gallery on our site. We do not have any intentions of being offensive and as such, we look forward to having a hitch free conversation over the registration process and we promise to handle any challenge that users may face.

It is optional

This gallery registration is optional. Of course it is not a must and it is designed for users who believe they could participate in auctioning, bidding and sales on this site.

So, if you want to get started, please do the following:

  • enter your details in the form below and;
  • fill up your payment method correctly

You can register today and start up as soon as possible.

Get your gallery registered today and enjoy hitch free dealings with clients.