Gemälde „Bog“, масло/холст на подрамнике, Gemischte Technik, Abstrakter Expressionismus, Animalistisches, Vereinigtes Königreich, 2019

Zustand: | Vorhanden | Lettland, Riga
€ 1 280
Julija Zelezova
Julija Zelezova. Bog
Название картины "болото" и то что на ней изображено ,выступает как синоним того мира в котором мы живем.Рассматривая картину можно много о чём поразмышлять ,взяв во внимание выше сказанное.С технической точки ,композиция получилась замысловатая и совсем не стандартная ,в какой то момент было достаточно сложно ее уравновесить.Так же стояла задача сочетать два цвета в контрасте это "желтый"и "чёрный" цвета.

Informationen zum Künstler

I was born in 1988 in Latvia, in the city of Riga and almost all my entire life I have lived and worked in there. But since my marriage, I have started travelling around. I am a self-taught artist and I have been drawing since I can remember myself. I got my skills from practising throughout my entire life. I'm interested in everything where I can be creative. All possible techniques, tools, their mixing and combining, whether it is paper or an axe. I am inspired by nature and the human body. I think this is what perfection is. I love to notice every little detail. I have won multiple photo contests which make me proud of. My paintings are a reflection of my soul and I hope that people will get at least the fraction of it. All my paintings are different, both in genre and technique. However only a few, I believe, reflect the moments when I do without thinking. When I trust the subconscious, and I just get rid of all the boundaries, with a touch of a hand, I give freedom to my mind and paint, brush, canvas, paper become my instruments. During these moments, I feel happy. I am fulfilled with unlimited joy and seamless freedom. After all, every piece of art is a new story. This is how creativity helps me to step back from our world problems and feel free and alive.

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