Design Gemälde „OCEAN BREEZE strukturelle Acrylabstraktion“, Leinwand auf dem Hilfsrahmen, Acrylfarbe, Abstractionismus, 2020

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Zustand: Neu
Standort: Russland, Samara
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Mary Romanova
Mary Romanova. OCEAN BREEZE strukturelle Acrylabstraktion
120 (w) x 100 (h) x 2 cm
47,2 (w) x 39,3 (h) x 0,79 in
аcrylic, texture paste, linen canvas on a stretcher

The textured abstract painting is made on linen canvas stretched over a wooden subframe. Texture paste and acrylic paints give volume and expressiveness.

This artwork has a rich and bright texture, yet gentle nature. The edges of the painting are painted to complement the work of art and do not need framing.

The painting is ready for hanging (on the back: high-quality iron plates with metal inserts and nylon rope for use in the gallery), does not have a frame, and does not need additional surface treatment.

The painting bears my signature on the front and will be signed, titled, and dated on the back. Every painting of mine is one of its kind. Comes with the certificate of authenticity in the package. The artwork will be sent to you carefully packed in a protective box.

Imagine you're on the ocean coast on a hot summer day you. Your body is really hot because of the heat. Just turn your face to the cool breeze and inhale a full breast. Take off your clothes and let the breeze freshen you up. See how a light breeze ripples the waves a little bit.

Enjoy the magic of light and colors of the endless ocean. Take a dip in its turquoise waters, and take your time. Feel the waves caressing your body. Relax and lose yourself in this element.
Be at peace and tranquility. Let a smile light up your face. You want to enjoy that feeling infinitely. You feel serene and peaceful.

You're happy. You and the ocean are one, you’re inextricably linked. You are an extension of it. You are the ocean. Look into the depth. Do you see how the color changes?

Different shades of blue appear, these are deep and dark colors. Do you feel a hidden power? This is the power of life's cradle. The ocean holds many secrets. Who knows, maybe you're exactly a person who will be able to reveal them...

Thank you so much for showing interest in my work.

Warm regards,
Mary Romanova
ID: 31441
Künstler: Mary Romanova (geb. 1986)
Originalität: Original
Herstellungsjahr: 2020
Angewandte Technik: Acrylfarbe, Gemischte Technik, Texturpaste
Material: Leinwand auf dem Hilfsrahmen
Größe: 120 x 2 x 100 cm
Rahmung: Ungerahmt
Stil: Abstractionismus, Abstrakter Expressionismus, Minimalismus, Zeitgenössische Kunst
Versand nach: Weltweit
Zahlungsmethode: Banküberweisung, Kreditkarte, Paypal, Bargeld
Versandart: Postdienst, Kurierdienst, Selbstabholung
Warenrücksendung: 7 Tage
Objekt-Typ: Design Gemälde
Schlüsselwörter: Abstrakt, Meer, Wasser

Informationen zum Künstler

My name is Mary Romanova, I’m an Artist from Russia. I was born on May 17, 1986. As a child, I drew always and everywhere, on any surface - at home on tables, wallpaper, doors, in the entrance on the walls, even on the ceiling! I've always liked big sizes, bright colors, and bold images.

In 2003, I successfully graduated from College with a degree in design and from the Fine Arts School in Izhevsk. I continued to improve, get new knowledge and skills. So with honors, I graduated from the state Academy of Culture and Arts in Samara in 2008.

In 2009, I successfully graduated from Samara State Socio-Pedagogical University, Department of Transcultural Communications.

I specialize in interior art, working in various techniques via modern trends, exploring materials possibilities, and different approaches to painting.

I represent the most daring and relevant solutions for decorating your home walls. Abstract paintings are universal, and this is their main advantage over other styles. A large degree of artistic freedom and the absence of stylistic frames allows my artwork to fit into any interior. I prefer to work with acrylic and texture paste.

I sincerely believe that the need for beauty and creativity that embodies it, the ability to find the unusual in everyday life is the essence of human nature, the secret of harmony, and the emotional balance of the individual. In my artworks, I share how I see our world. Here I can allow myself to be completely honest.

I’m inspired by beautiful sunsets, the azure sea, travel to new lands, and of course my lovely family. Fitness gives me power and energy.

I opened an Art Studio "MARY ART ROOM" in the summer of 2019. My paintings adorn the home interiors of collectors around the world, create a pleasant atmosphere in company offices, place bright accents in the halls of cafes and restaurants, and are part of hotels interior decor.

Welcome to my world! A world where dreams become reality on canvas!