Valeriy Krestnikov. "Weiße Taube"

Zustand: Neu
Standort: Kasachstan, Petropavlovsk
Produktverfügbarkeit: Vorhanden
Valeriy Krestnikov. "Weiße Taube"
Über den Künstler
Was born on August, 10th, 1962 in a Starica Kalinin region.
In 1983 has ended Kungur's art school (Russia).
In 1993 Omsk pedagogical institute, is art-graphic branch.
1988 - 1994 - Taught at city children's art school (Petropavlovsk).
1994 - 1996 - Taught in college of arts, branch of painting (Petropavlovsk).
Since 1999 a member of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan.
Per 2004 it is included in the Uniform art rating of painters and schedules, Moscow.
In 2006 it is selected by chairman of North-Kazakhstan branch OO «Kazakhstan association of artists».
The participant of the First accounting exhibition of the Academy of arts of Kazakhstan ... Astana 2007г.
2007 - an autumn Regional exhibition «Northern palette», Petropavlovsk.
2008 - the Regional exhibition «Petropavlovsk spring».
2008 - the International exhibition in gallery «Contrast» - Westphalia - Germany.
2008 - the Student of the International Symposium «The World for all»- Germany
2018 - Exhibition and auction of portraits. National award "people's favorite" 28.01. Rixos President Astana.
  • 03.02.2018 , Rixos President, Astana