Signs are like seals of identification. They are specially designed signets worn by special persons as a symbol of their affiliations to a group, a class of honor or a special cabal. For example, if you belong to a special class of gentlemen or unique ladies and you need special signs to be worn by persons or to be displayed on your special product whether as a trademark or a symbol, then antique sign is a good bet for you.

These signs are of special categories and they can:

  • represent anything you want;
  • be delivered at your convenient time and place.
For the year, set in 2002: Offizielle10€ designs in GoldFor the year, set in 2002: Offizielle10€ designs in Gold
Lot 2035For the year, set in 2002: Offizielle10€ designs i...
Price:  € 300
  € 300
9D : 2H : 5M left
5 x gold medal - various motifs, PP, per 2.04 g of fine GOLD, encapsulated, in a chic original case with certificate. A total of 10g GOLD fine. FRG gold medal set, PP.
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Rest of a large consignment with medals,Rest of a large consignment with medals,
Lot 4001Rest of a large consignment with medals,
Price:  € 400
  € 400
9D : 2H : 5M left
various US course, sets, silver coins, silver ounces, a relatively large proportion of gold-plated coins and medals. Also gesuchtere coins, the 5 Euro coin with polymer ring "Planet earth", large Folder, with a US Quarter dollar Folder with tokens "Ostalgie", and much more. Part ...
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You can buy signs on this site. There is available auction of antique signs from trusted and highly sought origins. Ideas are also widely utilizable and these signs can be adapted to pictorial elements and signs.

Our catalogue also contains antique signs that are declared on all categories to be best deals.

With our auction house, antiquity is simply at its peak. There are a wide variety of auction platforms that can simply ensure that you get the best. You should really try this antique signs out, because with the various options, you can’t bid wrongly.