Album Lyceum graduates 1873-1901 G.

Album Lyceum graduates 1873-1901 G.
Item number: 69-15
Age: 1901.
Country: Russia, Moscow

Album Lyceum graduates 1873-1901 g [M, 1901] . – [39 L. Il.: phototype.]; 33х44,5 see zelnickova (calico) publishing bound. On the front cover embossed in gold: the title of the book. Worn binding, tear to the spine. The album contains photographs of graduates of the Moscow Imperial Lyceum in memory of Tsarevich Nicholas (Katkovsky Lyceum) in Moscow – a privileged closed educational institutions for children of noble families (1868-1917). As teachers were invited eminent philologists-classics (for example, Rudolf Westphal). Among the graduates of the Lyceum can be noted by I. E. Grabar, S. V. Bakhrushin, Alexius I, S. T. Morozov, M. N. Batygina, vol. A. V. Obolensky, count N. And. Tatishcheva, F. A., Golovina, L. A. George, V. F. Carrera and more. .
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