Painting “Measure”, Canvas, Oil paint, Surrealism, Mythological, 2020

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Condition: new
Location: Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh
André Pan
André Pan. Measure
Measure - philosophical value, which everyone heard, but no one knows about. Isn't it? Man is so constituted that he is rarely satisfied with what he already has, and often wants more. Be it wealth, talent, success, happiness, health. Us always something a little. But happy is he who at the right moment is able to realize where excessive and stop. After all, the handle, vintage Gladstone bags are the most inopportune moment to break.
There is a hidden wish of luck (the bag does not sink). After all, how would say the old Churchill: normally, I do not want health or wealth, I wish you good luck - as you know on the Titanic were many and healthy and wealthy, lucky and survived. By the way the bags Gladstone on the Titanic was carrying gold and decoration, and that they should be "thankful" of the victims since immediately after the accident, these suitcases with precious cargo took a few rescue klubok.

A great gift with a ready-made wish.
ID: 27149
Artist: André Pan (b. 1977)
Year of manufacture: 2020
Applied technique: Oil paint
Medium: Canvas
Size: 2 x 40 x 40 cm
Style: Surrealism
Genre: Mythological
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Object type: Painting

Information about the artist

Андрэ Пан (Андрей Панагушин) – украинский художник, создающий картины в стиле сюрреализм и Поп-арт.

Андрэ незаурядная личность: дипломат, арабист, бизнесмен, писатель, композитор, проживающий на Ближнем Востоке 20 лет, из которых 13 лет – в Египте. Именно в стране Великих Пирамид наиболее ярко проявился творческий потенциал его одарённой натуры.
Вся наша жизнь – игра, с таким посылом художник видит свои взаимоотношения со зрителем, приглашая любителей искусства к умственным экзерсисам при созерцании его картин. Подобная лёгкая разминка мозга поможет человеку расширить границы своего сознания и в очередной раз подтолкнёт его задуматься о смысле жизни.