André Pan. A man and a woman. The male gaze.

Location:Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh
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André Pan. A man and a woman. The male gaze.
Perhaps, as with irony look the man and the woman from the side. He tries nicely to keep the balance, leaning to the ground with one hand. In the pose of a thinker. In his legs the bottle ship, which symbolizes the dream. She: between sky and water – two changeable elements – relaxes in a hammock made of dreams sails men. The hammock frayed, like our lives, which leaves traces. With one hand he holds within the structure of the hammock is the invisible support that is required the man from the woman, to keep the balance.
About the artist
Я художник любитель, без специального художественного образования. Писать картины меня сподвигло желание самореализоваться и по средствам художественного выражения поделиться своими мыслями и идеями.
Я бывший дипломат, а сейчас предприниматель. В данный момент проживаю в Шарм Эль Шейхе (Египет).
Надеюсь мои картины будут оценены по достоинству.