Andrey Batuhtin. Together

Location:Ukraine, Kiev
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Andrey Batuhtin. Together
It is, by definition, mirror collage technique - mosaic jewelry, with rear LED lights. Size 600х600х25 mm Feature is that each element is cut (for reference, glass is the material(perhaps the only) that is not cut - villevaude .......,and if the cut is verrry expensive, and performs CNC... nothing human.... "sweat and blood" there will not be embedded.....), ground and polished by hand.... Material - glass/mirror 4mm (painting and decoration). No analogues in Kiev .....nor in Ukraine.... could be the Internet.... All elements are carved, sanded and polished by hand.
About the artist
Работа с зеркалом и стеклом. Все работы выполнены в технике бесшовной мозаики, где каждый элемент проходит шлифовку и полировку всех граней. В результате изделие имеет гладкую безопасную поверхность