YANKOV M. D. "still life with roses". Nach. XX century.

YANKOV M. D. "still life with roses". Nach. XX century.
The Picture Jankov, Michael D. (1887-1970). Oil on cardboard. Dimensions: 60 × 80 cm Russia, before 1917
YANKOV MICHAEL D. (1887-1970), Russian painter of the old school. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.
Participated in many Soviet exhibitions in the period from 1919 (the First State free exhibition of works of art) in 1950 (Exhibition of works by Leningrad artists). In 1926 he exhibited at AHRR, in 1933 – the exhibition "Artists of the Russian Federation over fifteen years", in 1947 the all-Union Art exhibition. He mainly painted still lifes.
Worked in Leningrad as the Creator of the interior paintings, mostly still lifes of the late 1920s in Moscow.
Student Julia Yulyevich Clover.
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