Painting “Red poppies MDMA on a hot afternoon”, Canvas, Oil paint, Expressionist, Mythological, Russia, 2019

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Location: Russia, Tomsk
Anton Sorata
Anton Sorata. "Red poppies MDMA on a hot afternoon"
this picture is created by pure creative energy, without any dope
ID: 28584
Artist: Anton Sorata (b. 1986)
Originality: Original
Condition: new
Year of manufacture: 2019
Applied technique: Oil paint
Medium: Canvas
Size: 2 x 50 x 40 cm
Framing: Unframed
Art style: Expressionist
Historical era:
Genre: Mythological
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Payment method: Wire Transfer, Paypal
Delivery method: Postal service, Courier service
Purchase returns: No return
Country or place of origin: Russia
Object type: Painting

Information about the artist

Жажда, вкус, пламя, цвет, страсть - это то, что движет сюжетами моих картин. Это огромная вселенная совершенно разных реальностей, возможно, не совсем понятных человеку на уровне рационализма, но их можно почувствовать.