Arakcheev, V. B. “Autumn outfit”, 1963

Arakcheev, V. B. “Autumn outfit”, 1963
Artist Arakcheev Boris (April 19, 1926 - March 10, 2013). Oil on canvas. Dimensions: 90х130 see the BSSR, 1963

Arakcheev Boris (April 19, 1926 - March 10, 2013), the honored worker of arts, gave his life to the service of Belarus. Born in Russia (D. Turbanova, Yaroslavl region) volunteered for the front in the 44th was sent to Bobruisk, and then in the Minsk headquarters of the district. Noticing the artistic talent, the command allowed the young soldier to leave the army, and in 1950 was adopted in Minsk art school. For successful teaching it is translated first to the second, and then shall be credited on the third course. Early after graduating from College and defending his thesis, Boris Arakcheev enters the newly opened Theatre and art Institute. His teacher and subsequently supervisor of the diploma becomes Vitaly Tsvirko. This famous first edition of 1959 gave not only our country, but all over the world such masters as people's artists A. A. anikeychik, V. Gromyko, A. M., Kaszkurewicz, L. D. Shepelev.

Arakcheev wrote a thesis "the big way" to "excellent." The painting was selected for the exhibition in Moscow at the all-Union exhibition, repeatedly printed in various editions of Moscow, and was purchased by the National art Museum of the Republic.

More than half a century creates a master of the brush, creating a unique narrative paintings, including diploma work "the big way"1959; landscapes; a series of portraits of his contemporaries and famous people; a unique color scheme still lifes.

Boris Vladimirovich Arakcheyev one of four authors to create a Grand diorama

"Minsk pot" 1969-1972 in the Museum of the great Patriotic war. From 1964 to 1971 he taught at Minsk art school drawing, painting and composition, and then 1971-1996 - at the Academy of arts. He received the title of associate Professor. Prepared and released dozens of graduate students, now-famous painters: V. Cover, A. Kuzmich, V. Rutkevich, F. Yanushkevich, V. Yasiuk and many others.

His creative and pedagogical activities of Boris Vladimirovich successfully combined with social activities – from 1968 to 1977, was on the Board of the Union of Artists of the BSSR.

His works are in many museums of the Republic of Belarus: national arts Museum (18 works), the Fund of the artists Union of Belarus (18), Mogilev regional art Museum (17), the Museum of modern art, the Museum of the history of the second world war, the Literary Museum of M. Bogdanovich, etc.

Art gallery in the town Krupki during its opening in 2005, Boris gave a two-meter canvas, "General Kulnev, and the Grodno hussars in the battle of Klyastitsy. The year 1812"in 1992. And during the opening of the exhibition “Creative dynasty. Arakcheeva” in may 2009, celebrating together with the whole country the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus, the famous painter gave the gift of Cropcam four of his famous paintings . This is the picture which could be proud of any Museum is: “Brest fortress. 1941” 1981-1983 “On the job. The last mandate”in 1984, devoted to the guerrilla movement, “Haymaking”in 1976, – about peace work, “Venus and siren”, 1995

the Artist is still full of creative power. In 2008, the CX and Mogilev Museum of art has invited Boris Arakcheev to take part in the international plein air, where the artist painted more than three dozen powerful color of landscape. In the winter he paints in the art Studio.

Boris Vladimirovich Arakcheyev in 2011 for merits in development of education, culture had doctororder Francis Skaryna.

the Works are in National art Museum, the CX Fund of Belarus, the Museum of modern. Fig. art, lit. the Museum of M. Bogdanovich, Mogilev art gallery, the Museum of history of Minsk, hood. gallery of Polotsk, Grodno, Baranovichi, as well as in galleries and private collections of foreign countries (Russia, Ukraine, USA, Canada, Israel, Italy, Holland, Germany, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, etc.). Member. BUA h 1964.
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