Night 99

Condition: new
Location: Armenia, Erevan
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Aram Simonyan. Night 99
What/who inspired the work?

What do you hope its viewers will feel/think?

Why did you choose the medium, subject matter, style?
About the artist
About Aram Simonyan
Painting aimed at human moves forward Aram Simonyan's art and artists around and is considered the most wonderful.


Aram Simonyan was born in 1963,Yerevan Armeninan SSR.

Descend from an artist family he showed inclunation for drawing.

So along with the secondary school he also finishd the shcool of … Read More
Since 1982 Aram Simonyan took part in national and international extubtions,has got many awards and prizes.

One man art shows:

1986 - Yerevan Armenia

1989 - Moscow, Russia

1990 - Helsinki,… Read More
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