Rams Yu. A. "Autumn"
Artist - Sheep Yury Anatolyevich (07.04.1949). Oil on cardboard. Dimensions: with frame - 32х31 see Belarus. br>
sheep Yury Anatolyevich (07.04.1949, Vitebsk). In the school years was engaged in the visual Studio. Professional art education has not. Worked as a graphic designer at the enterprises of the city, collaborated with the plant "Dvina". Member of the Belarusian Union of artists (1988). Lives in Vitebsk.

Works in the technique of linocut, woodcut, etching, exlibris, is engaged in the jewelry art. Participant of art exhibitions since 1970. br>
participated in international, Republican, regional exhibitions.

Major works: illustrations to the books "stories of the theatre" N. Abalkina, "Zbornik Tora Rusch I pshonka Belarusian", "Liryka" P. Yavorov, "Hot snow" Yury Bondarev; graphic series "Monuments of culture and architecture of Vitebsk".

Designed books of Moscow publishing houses "Young guard", "Soviet Russia", "Contemporary", "fiction", as well as a number of works of Belarusian writers and poets, made a large number of book marks.
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