Baranov, V. I., "Svetlahorsk under construction", 1970

Baranov, V. I., "Svetlahorsk under construction", 1970
Artist Baranov Viktor. Oil on cardboard. Dimensions: with frame - 34х47,5 cm BSSR, 1970 G. Baranov, Viktor Ivanovich (born in 1936).
he Graduated from people's University of arts (Moscow) in 1966.

Participant of art exhibitions since 1967.

Works in easel painting in the genres of landscape and still life.

Works are in Museums of the history of the city of Svetlogorsk.

a member of the Belarusian Union of artists since 1995.

Lives in Svetlogorsk.
AddressРаритетЪKomsomolskaja, 8220029 MinskByelorussia
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