Bielawski V. N. “With the wind”, XX century.

Bielawski V. N. “With the wind”, XX century.
Artist Belyavskiy Vasiliy. Oil on cardboard. Dimensions: 54х70 see the BSSR, XX V. BELYAVSKIY VASILIY 1924 - 2008 , VITEBSK.
In 1970 he graduated from art - graphic faculty of the Vitebsk Institute. Studied with F. Gumina, I. carpenter.
Since 1980 - participated in art exhibitions.
Worked in all genres of easel painting.
1988 – the Belarusian Union of artists.
his Works are in National art Museum of Belarus, funds of the Belarusian Union of artists, Vitebsk regional Museum.
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