Belenitsky M. Z. "Rastal. Krasavik", 1972

Belenitsky M. Z. "Rastal. Krasavik", 1972
Artist - Belenitsky Matthew Z. (1909 - 1990). Oil on cardboard. Dimensions: unframed - 50х30 cm; with frame - 58х38,5 cm BSSR, 1972

Belenitsky Matvey Zaharovich
A short biography of the artist, M. Z. Belenitsky:
life years: 1909, Mogilev - 1990

He studied at the Vitebsk art school (1925-26.)

In 1942 he graduated from the Moscow Institute of fine arts.

1927 - participated in art exhibitions. Worked in easel painting.

Since 1946, the Belarusian Union of artists.

1953-1957 - taught at the Minsk art school.

The works of M. Z. Belenitsky are in the National art Museum of Belarus, funds of the Belarusian Union of artists, Museum creidesca Bobruisk, Grodno historical and archaeological Museum.
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