.. The Dish Is "Tori". Japan, enamel, handmade, Meiji period 1868 - 1912gg.

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.. The Dish Is "Tori". Japan, enamel, handmade, Meiji period 1868 - 1912gg.
Dish cloisonné enamel Cloisonne. Produced during the heyday of this technology in Japan - Meiji period. Handmade.

Material: Copper, enamel
Period: Meiji Period, 1868 - 1912gg.
Region: Japan
Condition: Good, no chips or restoration
Length | Width | Height: 30 cm | 30 cm | 4 cm

Each item in the technique of Cloisonne was created in 5 steps:

Step 1 – Forging

At this stage, the copper is processed manually, and the product is shaped. In the case of the creation of complex shapes, several metal sheets can be soldered together.

Step 2 – Filigree

Flat copper wire is soldered to forged the basis for creating patterns. This process is done manually and is extremely laborious work.

Step 3 – Inlay

The enamel glaze is manually applied to the figure generated in the previous step. The product was then placed in an oven where the enamel hardens as a result of thermal processing. This process is repeated at least three times, until the level of enamel is not equal to the height of the wire.

Stage 4 – Grinding

The piece is polished to smooth the edges of the wire enamel and add Shine.

Step 5 – Plating

Almost finished product is placed in acid bath for etching, and then in a bath with a statically charged gold or silver. Any copper that was not covered with enamel, covered with precious metal.
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