“ Wealth of individuals in Russia.”

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Wealth of individuals in Russia.
Karnovich, E. P. Great wealth of individuals in Russia.


Economic-historical research of E. P. Karnovich. St. Petersburg: Typography Of K. N. Plotnikova, , 380 S.

Bound in half-era. Lifetime edition. On the spine supereclipse "P. M.", which indicates the high social status of the former owner of the book.

Bibliography: Lobastova No. 5866, Bogomolov No. 4660.

The author talks about the bankers, the counterfeiting of counterfeit banknotes, card debtors, ancestral estates, the Royal estates of the hands, the habits of the rich, the tax-farmers, seizures, abuses of power in favor of their own enrichment, the collectors of the old time:
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