Bronze / Lamp in the style of "Tiffany"

Bronze / Lamp in the style of "Tiffany"
Bronze / Lamps / Table lamp in the style of "Tiffany"
Time of creation: 20th century
Material, technique: glass
Dimensions: height 58 cm
Style: modern
Louis Comfort Tiffany (eng. Louis Comfort Tiffany February 18 1848, new York — January 17, 1933, new York) is an American artist and designer, representative of art Nouveau. International recognition Tiffany brought his exquisite glass products: stained glass, lamp shades, jewelry. The works of Louis Comfort Tiffany adorn the temples and private homes. The world's largest collection of his jewelry and glassware is in the Metropolitan Museum of art in new York. He invented a method of joining small pieces of glass with copper foil, and also new types created of glass, has revolutionized the art glass industry. And Tiffany has become the most common all over the world to create stained glass Windows, lamp shades and other works of decorative art of stained glass.
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