G. F. Brzhozovsky - “Boats”
Artist Genrikh Frantsevich Brzhozovsky (1912 - 2008). Oil on canvas. Sizes: 29,5x19,5 cm.

Genrikh Frantsevich Brzhozovsky , years of life: 1912 -2008

In 1933 he graduated from the Vitebsk art. College in 1941 - a refresher course (under the hands. F. Majorova

M. Chersina) in Minsk.

Worked in easel painting (figurative painting, landscape, still life).

Since 1937, participated in art exhibitions.

Member of the artist Union of the USSR.

1945 - the Belarusian Union of artists.

Member of the I Congress of artists of Belarus (1938)

winner of the prize of the international Foundation "Children of Chernobyl" (1996).

the works of G. Brzhozovsky are in the National art Museum of Belarus, Museum of modern art in Minsk, the Belarusian Museum of the great Patriotic war, Orsha local lore Museum, Mogilev regional art Museum named after P. Maslennikova, the Literary Museum of Y. Kupala in Minsk, Puhovichsky Museum (open hall. Brzhozovsky), Vitebsk regional Museum, funds of the Belarusian Union of artists.
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