“Bulychev Yu. a. Minsk 1960 G.”

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Location: Byelorussia, Minsk
Bulychev Yu. a. Minsk, 1960 G.
Artist Bulychev Yury Aleksandrovich (1921 - 1976). Dimensions: 60х85 see the BSSR, 1960 G. BULYCHEV Yury Aleksandrovich (02.04.1921, Murom, Vladimir region, Russia - 16.09.1976)— Soviet artist. br>
the participant of the great Patriotic war. br>
he Studied under F. Bogorodsky, Y. Pimenov.

he Graduated from the art faculty of Institute of Cinematography in 1953, the same year he worked as an artist at the Studio "Belarusfilm".


"children of the guerrillas" (1954)

the "Green lights" (1955)

"Mikolka-parovoz" (1956)

"Happiness should be protected" (1958)

"Girl seeks father" (1959)

"the First test" (1960-61, together. with V. Belousov),

"Little dreamers" (1962, jointly. with V. Belousov),

"puschik going to Prague" (1965)

K/m "the Trap" (1966)

"Anitina road" (1967)

"Make the fight" (1969)

"Before the first snow" (1972),

"the Little Sergeant" (1975), br>
t/f "In secret around the world" (1976, joint. with Gavrikovym).
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