Schoelcher. A couple of tea Anamorphosis

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Schoelcher. A couple of tea Anamorphosis
A couple of tea Porcelain. Anamorphosis Height 10 cm saucer Late 18th, early 19th century. Painting. Gilding. Unique technique the reflection of a distorted image. Gallant scene. Portrait of Henry IV. Factory Brand Salihara. A native of Alsace, settled in Paris before the Revolution. In 1798, he buys a factory of hard-paste porcelain at Pierre-Antoine Hannong in Paris suburbs Saint-Denis. As often happened with the Paris factories, manufacture becomes known not when the founder, and the successor and under his name. After the death of Mark Salihara factory owned by his son, Victor Solger, a famous writer, humanist and a fighter against slavery. In 1834 Victor closes the factory. High quality porcelain and paintings were made of the product of this plant is known and desirable to collectors. Solcher used all kinds of decoration used at the time: colored backgrounds, motives dominant style, ornamental motifs, lavish gilt diverging pattern
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