Dilthey Philip Heinrich 1723-1781
Children's Atlas, or a New convenient and evidence-based method for teaching geography. Dilthey 1771 year

Dilthey Philip Heinrich (1723-1781)., Corrected and multiplied by Philippe Henry Dealteam, both rights doctor and Professor of public law and history ; Translated under the direction of Professor togozhe] from French to Russian language. About the Russian Empire : the interpretation of coats of arms and genealogy tartousi home. Collected from various Authors and manuscripts PHILLIP HENRY DILITHIUM, both rights doctor and Professor of Public law and history, pereveden under the guidance of the same Professor from French to Russian and from Russian to French artillery sergeants, Mikhailov G. A. Kazakov, and G. Ivan Vasilyevich by Rykachev. Format 16 x 10.2 x 3.5
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