“Dog You that power made?” Canvas Oil paint Expressionist Historical genre 2010

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Location: Russia, Moscow
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Dmitry Fesechko. Dog, You that power made?
The painting has an original title “Dogs, what have you done to Russia!”. It is some kind of vision from the past on the modern Russian politics. Tzar was inspired by the image of the Ivan the Terrible, though has a collective traits of all the tsars of Rus of the pre-Romanovs history.
ID: 16758
Artist: Dmitry Fesechko (b. 1988)
Originality: Original
Year of manufacture: 2010
Applied technique: Oil paint
Medium: Canvas
Size: 45 x 60 cm
Framing: Framed
Art style: Expressionist
Historical era:
Genre: Historical genre
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Information about the artist

Dmitry Fesechko is an artist from Moscow, Russia. He started his artist career as an abstract painter, then for some years was absorbed  in surrealism and symbolism, taking part in exhibitions in Russia and the EU. He also worked as a digital illustrator for some time but abandoned it focusing entirely on traditional oil painting. He has studied classical multilayer technique that takes its origin from old masters of the past. Nowadays Dmitry works in genres closer to life like still life, landscapes and paints a series of paintings inspired by several trips to India.


2008 Solo exhibition, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Moscow
2008 Group exhibition Death and afterlife in art, VDNKh, Moscow
2008 Two paintings were bought for Museum of world Funeral Culture, Novosibirsk
2010-2011 Group exhibitions, Grekov’s Studio, Moscow
2011-2013 Participant of Andrey Nekrasov surrealism art projects "Geysers of subconscious" and "Ying Yang".
2011 Group exhibition, The State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia, Moscow
2012 Group exhibition, Gallery Plum Palm, Moscow
2013 Group exhibition, Gallery Plum Palm, Moscow
2013 Group exhibition, Central House of Artist, Moscow
2013 - Agnirealism exhibition, DEVE gallery, Moscow
2014 - Agnirealism exhibition, Galerie Natalie Boldyreff, Paris
2018 - Beggars and Saints solo exhibition, Ashwinam center, Moscow

Art Awards:

2017 Bullfight painting, Honourable Mention, Creative Inspiration 2017” event, Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery
2017 One has reached Samadhi painting, Special Merit Award, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery
2017 Sadhu and the old man painting, 4th place in Orientalism, American Art Awards 2017
2018 Top 100 Award, Circle Art Foundation
2018 Trapped childhood painting, Honourable Mention, Colors of Humanity Art gallery
2018 Music of War painting, Best of show, Still life 2018 event, Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery