Dmitry Undin. Matrix. The Russian option.

Location:Russia, Pushkinskie Gory
Product availability:On order
Dmitry Undin. Matrix. The Russian option.
Ceramic sculpture is a parody of the characters of the cult film "the Matrix". Our hero - a local farmer Fyodor imbued in the idea of protecting the World from "electronic slavery"...
Made this sculpture of pushkinogorskaya wonderful red clay. Alternatively, it is possible to manufacture the bottle/bottles on the basis of this sculpture (tube - head Fedi - Neo).
Decor: milky roasting, acrylic paint temperature rejection.
The copyright work, therefore, possible variants, not changing the overall composition. If the customer requests to the image - the author will certainly take into account.
About the artist
Инженер-механик по самолётам и двигателям, который работает в керамике, металле и резьбе по дереву. Люблю делать то, за что не берутся другие... что-то оригинальное...
Если приходится работать с заказчиком, то задаю много вопросов... зато - ближе к желаемому...