Dowgiallo, M. H. “the Caucasus”, XX century.

Dowgiallo, M. H. “the Caucasus”, XX century.
Artist - dowgiallo M. H. oil on Cardboard. Dimensions: 35h48 see the BSSR, V. XX, DOVGYALLO MICHAEL HRYSANOVYCH (1908-1978), ARTIST, TEACHER, PAINTER.
a member of the UNION of artists of the USSR.
Born on 21 may 1908 in the village of Steep, Smolensk region in the family priest.
In 1926, Mikhail Hrysanovych enters the Vitebsk art College. There he is taught by M. ende, F. Vogt, M. Kerzin, V. Volkov, which will play a crucial role in the development of the creativity of the future artist.
In 1930, after graduating from College, he moved to Minsk and starts to engage in educational work.
From 1932 to 1934 he worked as a painter-decorator in the theater. Yanka Kupala.
Since 1932, Michael Hrysanovych takes part in Republican and all-Union exhibitions.
In 1932, at the V all-Belarusian exhibition of the artist's work is "Children's Playground on the farm".
In 1935 - 1937gg. the artist creates and exhibits her works at the all-Union exhibition.
his Works are in the museums of Belarus, Russia, Japan, Europe and private
collections. His name is listed in all domestic and foreign encyclopedias.
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