Ducic N. In. “In the country”, 1974.

Ducic N. In. “In the country”, 1974.
Artist Ducic Nikolai. Oil on cardboard. Sizes: 25,5х39 see Byelorussian SSR, 1974 DUCIC NIKOLAI 1896 to 1980.
was Born on 3 Oct 1896 in Lyubcha, Novogrudok district, Minsk Guberniya,now Grodno oblast, died September 3, 1980 in Minsk. He studied at V. P. Ivanenko (Novogrudok, 1910-1914), at the Drawing school of the Imperial Association for the encouragement of arts (Petrograd, 1914-1915) V. N. Fedorovich and private studios.
the artist's Works are in many museums, including the national Park. hood. Museum of Belarus, the US White House, the BSM funds.
a member of the Belarusian Union of artists since 1940.
AddressРаритетЪKomsomolskaja, 8220029 MinskByelorussia
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