“Edgar Locks the Mid-twentieth century”

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Edgar Locks the Mid-twentieth century
Beautiful piece by the famous Belgian (?) artist Edgar Locks c the conditional name "a still life with carnations". Author's signature confirming the authenticity of the work, is in the lower left corner of the picture.

Belgian school of painting, which is the brightest representative Edgar Locks is one of the leading schools in Europe. Continuing the tradition of the famous Flemish masters of the Royal Academy of painting in cities such as Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels provided an opportunity to reveal the talent of many world famous artists of the twentieth century, whose works occupy a worthy place in the best museums in the world.

The main motive of the piece is the image of a bright bouquet of carnations in a vase. Carnation is fascination, love, honor, freedom and loyalty.

The background of the painting is made in dark colors, it emphasizes the brightness of the foreground, where the artist masterfully managed to convey in each smear pulsation of life, your mood. Flowers in a vase can be compared to butterflies, which rejoice the summer.

Still life - the depiction of inanimate objects in art. The Europeans call this genre differently- still life. Stelleben - "quiet life", "still life". These meanings of words are not accidental, as each object lives its own life, a quiet, inconspicuous, not movable, but very colorful and poetic.

Still life with carnations" Edgar Locks the Mid-twentieth century. (99 x 87) R


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