“Brooch made of wool and silk” Fantasy 2017

€ 20
Location: Ukraine, Харцызск
Emma Krutikova. Brooch made of wool and silk
Brooch made of wool and silk is a unique accessory, an amazing beauty that will attract the attention of others and to talk about the mysterious nature of the hostess.
Such a brooch would be appropriate and a clip on, knitted, felted clothes, to pin and to outerwear, stick brooch scarf to decorate the collar. The pins have fastening that allows you to extend its application, the brooch can be used as a hair pin... can be decorated with a brooch and a bag... Thing came out of a multifunctional...
It is possible to manufacture such brooches in any color.
ID: 12113
Artist: Emma Krutikova (b. 1969)
Year of manufacture: 2017
Size: 0.01 x 20 x 15 cm
Genre: Fantasy

Information about the artist

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