“Photo album of the XIX - beginning of XX century Russia” Nikolai Nikolaevich Karazin (1842 - 1909) Mixed media Mythological 398 1890

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N. Karazin. Photo album of the XIX - beginning of XX century Russia
Photo album with color illustrations, game. XIX and beginning of XX century Russia
Material: stone, bronze, leather Natur., painting size 34х26 see
Artist: N. Karazin (1842-1908) Watercolourist, Illustrator, battle painter, writer and journalist. Direct grandson of the founder of Kharkiv University. In the mid 1870-ies Karasin sent to the Serbian-Tureckogo, where for the first time in Russia becomes a war journalist-Illustrator. Great success the artist achieved in the implementation of watercolor paintings. He is one of the founders of the Society of Russian watercolors and permanent member of its exhibitions. At the end of 1880-ies Karazin drawn to the writing of oil a considerable size of the canvases, and many of the works of the artist takes on the order of Emperor Alexander III.
Edition: Saint-PETERSBURG, Trade Mark 1910
ID: 1419
Artist: Nikolai Nikolaevich Karazin (1842 - 1909)
Originality: Original
Year of manufacture: 1890
Applied technique: Mixed media, See description
Size: 26 cm
Framing: Framed
Genre: Mythological
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