“Life in color: Blue and yellow” Paper 2019

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Location: Armenia, Yerevan
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Gohar Tumasyan. Life in color: Blue and yellow
Series: Life in color Is a series of postcards, in pastel, in sozaboy author's technique.
It is also possible, if desired, to order a print. The play of colors in postcards may have etherapeutics effect. Set of 6 postcards costs 150$. You can also run oil in large size 50x80 cm, increases the effect of therapy.
Get pleasure from the radiance of colors! I will be glad of the feedback! This series brings great pleasure that are ready to share.
ID: 20943
Artist: Gohar Tumasyan (b. 1967)
Originality: Original
Year of manufacture: 2019
Medium: Paper
Size: 14 x 21 cm
Framing: Framed
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Delivery method: Postal service
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Information about the artist

Гоар Тумасян художник, с многолетним опытом,
Родилась в 1967г. в Ереване, Армения.Училась в художественной школе им. Ф.Терлемезяна, продолжила обучение в Санкт-Петербурге.
Работает над различными художественными проектами и участвовала в различных выставках в разные годы.
Твотчество Гоар охватывает различные техникаи и средства в сфере живописи и ремесел.
Работы Гоар присутствуют в разных странах в частных коллекциях.
Основное направление - графика, но работы также включают живопись маслом, миниатюру и копии манускриптов, батик, расписные авторские керамические тарелки, мозаику и т. д.
У нее много учеников, она также ведет уроки и является опытным арт-терапевтом.

Gohar Tumasyan is an artist with many years of experience,
Born in 1967 in Yerevan, Armenia. She studied at the Art School after F. Terlemezyana, continued her studies in St. Petersburg.
She works on various art projects and has participated in various exhibitions in different years.
She work with various mediums for painting and crafts.
Artworks of Gohar are present in different countries in private collections.
The main art direction is graphics, but the works also include oil painting, miniature and manuscripts, batik, painted clay plates, mosaics, etc.
She has many students, she also leads classes and is an experienced art therapist.