“Heinrich Gogarten. Winter evening XIX - n. XX centuries.”

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Heinrich Gogarten. "Winter evening", XIX - n. XX centuries.
The painter Heinrich Gogarten (1850 - 1911). Category 5 according to Soloviev (p. 495). Oil on canvas. Dimensions: 55х70 see Germany, late XIX - early XX centuries. Emile Henry Gogarten, (born August 23, 1850 in Linz on the Rhine, † November 16, 1911) was a German landscape painter.Studied with Oswald Achenbach at the Düsseldorf Academy, lived in Paris in 1874-77гг. He then returned to Germany and lived from 1878 to 1889 in Hamburg. After that he settled in Munich and soon joined the artists ' colony at Dachau. He exhibited regularly since 1880, in Berlin and at the Dresden Academy.
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