“Ignatiev E. A. spring is in the poles 2004”

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Location: Byelorussia, Minsk
Ignatiev E. A. "spring is in the poles", 2004
Catalogue work. Artist Ignatiev Eugene A. (1936 - 2010). Hardboard, oil. Dimensions: unframed - 60х32 cm; with frame - 68,5x40 cm of Belarus, 2004.

Evgeny Ignatiev (11 Nov 1936, d. Lisino Gorohovetsky R-Vladim. region — 5 Aug 2010, Minsk, Belarus) — Belarusian Soviet actress, honored artist of the Byelorussian SSR (1978).
After graduating from VGIK in 1962. he worked at the Studio "Belarusfilm".
Participated in the creation of films: "Tales of youth" (1961, a Novella "Komstroy"), "the Third rocket" (1963, in collaboration with V. Dementiev), "Through the cemetery" (1965, jointly with V. Dementiev), "How many years, how many winters" (1966), "the Eastern corridor" (1966), "the Life and ascension of Yuras Bratchikov" (1968, jointly with S. by Abdusalamova), Wild swing (1975, together with Vladimir Nazarov).
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