Jesus on the throne with the upcoming

Jesus on the throne with the upcoming
Author: Russia
Period: XIX century
Conclusion: there is
Size 35х28, wood, gesso, oil.
According to Church tradition, the icon was created in the XII century Russian icon-painter alypius of the caves. He is credited with the icon \\\"King - King\\\", stored in the assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin, however, reliable information about it has survived. The images of the composition \\\"Stabat mater\\\" are called \\\"Deisis\\\" which means \\\"the prayer\\\" or \\\"the offering\\\". As a rule, they are placed in the main rank of the iconostasis, in the center. In Russia, the image that received the inaccurate title \\\"Deesis\\\", appears to be in consonance with the name of Jesus, can be drawn both on one and on three separate boards. Along with images of Jesus Christ and the virgin Mary on the Board is written the image of John the Baptist.
The icon symbolizes the connection of the old Testament and the new Testament Church, which is implemented through the King of Glory, Lord of Lords - Jesus Christ. The long history of the image brings its value to the faithful to the great wonder-working icons of the Russian land.
Jesus Christ is presented as King of King and Great Pontiff, seated on the throne. He will have the virgin in the Royal robes, John the Baptist, the archangels Michael and Gabriel, the apostles Peter and Paul, John the Evangelist and St. Andrew,St. Sergius of Radonezh and St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. Worship him fallen on his knees the monk Zosima and Savvatii of Solovetsk
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